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  • History Of Sri Lanka

    The story of ancient Lanka has its beginnings in the stone age 125,000 BC to 1000 BC.. It is like peering through a telescope, looking at a world so far away that is visible only in fractions, a fleeting glimpse here and there. This era is called prehistory.’ The time before the dawn of history. It is during the

  • Story of the Masks

    If you are driving through the South Western coastal belt of Sri Lanka, you are bound to pass through the town of Ambalangoda which is well known for its mask making industry. The history of masks that are unique to Sri Lanka dates back to the 1800’s which were used to portray various characters in popular folk tales and for devil dancing. Sri Lanka has

  • Sri Lankan Baila

    How does one capture the essence of music in writing? Especially a toe-tapping, get-up-and-dance kind of music like Baila? Inspired by listening to some of the best loved Baila songs that are still available on CD, I set out to find out what this rhythmic music is all about. But first, let me try and describe Baila. It's

  • Wildlife and Nature

    Sri Lankan Leopard – One of the most lithe and supple of the big cats, the Sri Lankan leopard holds a mystique like no other. Coming out of its slumber at dawn and dusk to swagger through